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Hi! I'm Jas.

I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer based in London, UK. I specialise in all areas of graphic design, from branding, digital, large format prints, website design and illustration.

When I completed my degree, I began working for a small Graphic Design company, where I gained experience in all large format prints, production and design. As I was able to try out all parts of running a small business, it set me up to start my own 8 years later.

I started freelancing 3 years ago since I left my job, and have not looked back since!

Starting my own business has been challenging, but so rewarding at the same time. With every project I am lucky to work on, I find more and more avenues to explore. My style of working is personally with each client, making sure they are happy with the final product and taking the pressure off.

Outside of the design world, I love travelling and eating as much food as possible... which also means gyming quite frequently to live the social foodie life!

Give me a shout if you have any branding or design projects you would like me to work on!

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